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Pooh Cremes Spring Collection

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Spring Creme Collection inspired by that Silly Old Bear- Winnie The Pooh!

It's Hard To Be Brought Down When You Have A Balloon- a light vampy red creme inspired by Pooh's Red Balloon.

Rumpledoodles- A lilac creme inspired by Lumpy!

Tut Tut, It Looks Like Rain- a dark gray creme inspired by Pooh trying to get honey.

Everything Is Honey- An amber jelly inspired by Pooh's weakness!

Got Out, Bizy. Back Soon- A dusty dark teal creme inspired by the Backson!

They're Extraordinary, So Better Be Wary- a light coral creme inspired by Woozles.

100 Aker Woods- Pale mint green creme inspired by the home of Pooh and his friends!

12ml bottles

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