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Going Solo

This collection is based off of Roald Dahl books (my favorite author!)  Going Solo is the name of one of his autobiographies. This collection consists of 6 cremes and a topper! 

  1. But He Made It To The End- Based off of Esio Trot is a deep brick red crème.
  2. No One Who Is Good Can Ever Be Ugly- Based off of The Twits is a darker orange crème.
  3. Secret Plans and Clever Tricks- Based off of The Enormous Crocodile is an olive green crème.
  4. Dreams Is Full Of Mystery and Magic- Based off of The BFG is a deep navy crème.
  5. It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are or What You Look Like, So Long As Somebody Loves You- Based off of The Witches is a deep eggplant purple crème.
  6. What The Cuss?!- Based off of Fantastic Mr. Fox is a milk chocolate brown crème.
  7. A Little Nonsense Now And Then, Is Relished By The Wisest Men- Based off of Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator is a topper with a blue/green/teal shimmer and blue/green shifting flakies!


12 ml bottles


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