Tips And Tricks

1. Nail polish can become separated over time. Gently roll your bottle between your hands or a table to mix the ingredients together. 2 steel agitator mixing balls are added to each bottle to help.

2. Glitter polish will sink over time.  Simply flip the bottle upside and let gravity take over.

3. Glitter polish can be tricky to apply.  For full coverage, take a makeup sponge, brush on the glitter polish and dab on your nail.  The excess base will soak up in the sponge leaving the glitter on your nails!  Use a good thick top coat or even 2 coats for a smooth finish.

4. After time, polish can become thick and goopy due to air exposure. Cleaning the neck and threads of the bottle with a cotton ball soaked in acetone and sealing the cap tightly after each use is a good preventative measure.  Cleaning the bottle will allow a tight seal of the cap to block out air.

Should your polish become thick, simply add a few drops of nail polish thinner, never acetone (it is made to dissolve not restore and will ruin your polish) and roll the bottle gently between your hands or on a table.

5. Due to the quality and nature of pigments, staining may occur, please use a quality base coat to reduce the risk of staining.

6. To prolong the life of your manicure, use a quality base and top coat and "wrap the tips" or "cap the free edge"- meaning add top coat to the very tips of your nails.

7. Extreme temperatures can alter the quality and formula of your nail polish.  Please let your polish sit at room temperature for at least 24 hours before opening.


*If you have an issue with your order, please e-mail me with a photo at within 48 hours of delivery and I will work with you to resolve your issue.*