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Far Out Collection

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Far Out Collection is inspired by Space!

Blazing Sword- Inspired by A flaming blue sword- A peachy/orange base with red/orange shifting shimmer and an aqua glow in the dark!

Pinchers From Outer Space- Inspired by the Southern Crab Nebula- A light sea foam green with orange/green/gold crystal flakes and holo flakes!

I'm Not A Shrimp- Inspired by the Prawn Nebula- A dark deep purple with orange/gold glass flakes and purple/blue crystal flakes!

Beyond The Veil- Inspired by the Veil Nebula- A pale ultramarine crelly with pink/gold shifting shimmer!

Space Wings- Inspired by the Butterfly Nebula- A sheer pale purple base with blue/purple shifting shimmer, pink/orange shifting flakes and holo flakes!

The Very Spacey Caterpillar- Inspired by The Caterpillar- A dusty maroon with orange shimmer!

12 ml bottles


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