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Overpours of past Polish Pickup, Hella Handmade Creations and Polished Gamers!


Available overpours: 



*You’re Mocking My Tail (June 2020)

*The Gate (September 2020)

*A Colorful Journey (December 2020)

*O-pal Eeze (January 2021)

*Crazy Over Daisy (March 2021)

*I Love Being A Turtle (April 2021)

*A Clue! A Clue! (May 2021)

*I've Got The Kielbasa You Ordered (Sept 2021)

*Where'd The Crystal Critters Go? (Oct 2021)

*You're My 1 In 5 Billion (Feb 2022)

*Well, She Can't Be All Bad (March 2022)

*You're So Beautiful (June 2022)

*Don't Go Dragon My Hi-Chews (Rewind 2022)

*Pink Elephants (Rewind 2022)

*Betta Get Out Of My Way (August 2022)

*I'm Just Crackers About Cheese (Sept 2022)

*The Alchemist (Oct 2022)

*It's What Maryland Does (Nov 2022)

*I'm Your Venus, I'm Your Fire (Jan 2023)

*Diamond Rain (March 2023)

*Scaredy Cat (March 2024)

*Magic Minos (April 2024)


HHC **Will come with a Mystery Label per HHC**

*The Beast (October 2020)

*Night Game (November 2020)

*The Have 9 Kids (January 2021)

*You're Killing Me Smalls (February 2021)

*The Great Bambino (March 2021)

*Shell Upgrade (May 2021) 

*You Are Your Best Self (July 2021)

*Dads Club (Sept 2021)

*Undercover Glow (Oct 2021)

*Silk Glow (Nov 2021)

*Glow, Bob Glow (Dec 2021)

*Underwater Meow (Feb 2022)

*Reptiglow (March 2022)

*TRASH! (May 2022)

*Being There For A Child Is The Most Noble Thing A Toy Can Do (June 2022)

*Not Today Red Baron (Sept HHC Hellaween!)

*Falling For Fall (Oct 2022)

*Under My Umbrella (Jan 2023)

*Over The Rainbow (March 2023)

*Surfing The Cosmos (Oct 2023)

*Vanilla, Peach, Peach Baby (March 2024)

*Toto, I Have A Feeling We're Not In Kansas (April 2024)



*Pause (Nov 2020)

*Creepers, Endermen and Dungeons, Oh My! (June 2021)

*Angel Of Darkness (Nov 2021)

*Ragnarok (Dec 2021)

*When Tyranny Is Law, Revolution Is Order (Jan 2022)

*Dungeon Master (June 2022)

*Dream, Dream Baby (Aug 2022)

*Sweep This (Oct 2022)

*Don't Call Me Junior (July 2023)

*Sophitia (Jan 2024)


12 ml bottles