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Advent Overpours!

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LIMITED overpours of the 2021 Advent Calendar!


Day 1- Cold Days

Day 2- Sweet Treats Da Balm-er

Day 4- Sweet, Sour and Spice mini Tamesies

Day 5- Pink Frosting

Day 6- Pop Goes The Apple Lip Balm

Day 8- Mini Remover- Family Vacation

Day 10- Salty Fruit Cake Hand Spray

Day 11- Sugar Plum Pies

Day 15- Chip Your Teeth Da Balm-er

Day 16- Not Your Grandmas Cookies Tamesies

Day 17- Sparkle Nights

Day 18- Pie Contest Cuticle Oil click

Day 19- Too Fizz To Be Pink Lip Balm

Day 21- Snow Flakie Weather 

Day 25- Berry Wonderful

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