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If You're Good, Life Is Good WITH BALM

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Spring 2020 Collection!


This collection is based off of the movie, Matilda, a collection of pastel cremes, a flakie crelly, a glitter crelly and a Da-Balmer!  They will be sold as a set (with out without balm) as well as individually!


I’m Big, You’re Little- Based off of Matilda’s dad, Mr. Wormwood when Matilda bleaches his hair. A pale yellow just like the bleach.  


Thanks For Not Telling- Based off of Matilda’s friend Lavender, when Matilda didn’t tell on Lavender for putting a Newt in the Trunchbull’s water.  A pale lavender just like Lavender.  


Hey Dip Face, Eat A Carrot- Based off of Michael, Matilda’s brother when he throws a carrot at her and she uses her powers to throw it back in his face.  A pale orange like the carrot. 


My Mommy Thinks They’re Sweet- Based off of Amanda Thripp, a classmate of Matilda when the Trunchbull questions her pigtails.  A pale pink like Amanda’s outfit. 


1972 Olympics- Based off of the Trunchbull and her Olympic sweatsuit outfit.  A lighter grey with gun metal micro flakies.  


There’s Fish Fingers In The Microwave- Based off of Matilda’s mom, Mrs. Wormwood.  A pale green with purple, pink, blue and orange glitters.  Outrageous just like her outfits.  


My Little Bumblebee- Based off of Ms. Honey!  1 oz Da-Balmer scented in Oatmeal Milk and Honey. 


All 12 ml bottles, 1 oz (by weight) Da-Balmer.


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